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The Team

This project was built from grit and passion. With no major sponsorship, this installation was created with the purest intention to heal the community through the arts. Our experiential art exhibit is led by People of Color, born and raised in the East Bay. Our purest intention is to preserve and cultivate a vibrant and sustainable art ecosystem here in our hometowns. Attending and participating in this project is a direct venue to social change that produces results through economic environment, community connection, mental wellness, and youth development.

As creative leaders, we believe we must facilitate a space of with creativity and community as our greatest resources.

As we reimagine the way we interact with the world and each other, Homebody inspires an interactive, augmented reality rooted with conscious intention.  

We hope that it will provoke inner reflection and community connection. This event is a direct action step to nourish people of all ages. Led by Bay Area locals, this activation centers local businesses, engages the youth, and is connects the community in a brand new way at the intersection of art and technology.


Venue & Production

Ciel Creative Space is a story of resilience and boundless potential. With the vision of creative expression and the structure to support it, Ciel lives true to its mission to make space to be human. After navigating through an unpredictable 2020, Ciel is thrilled to welcome the creative community back to our beautifully designed, bigger than ever space where creativity and productivity can thrive. Woman of Color owned, Cecilia Caparas Apelin is a Bay Area native with a goal to preserve the creative community here in the Bay Area.

With expansive production studios spanning 40,000 square feet, each client is immensely important to Ciel’s survival. Supporting Hueman’s project with no fiscal sponsorship was a decision made from passion and a true belief that creative leaders need to offer space for the community to heal, connect, and thrive.

Production & Community

ENDEAVORS* Oakland is essential in the production of ‘Homebody.' ENDEAVORS has volunteered their time to lead the way in production by bringing in the top talent in the Bay Area to make this event possible. ENDEAVORS is a grassroots initiative that creates better opportunities for our community through supporting and uplifting the many voices that represent Oakland’s rich BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)  creative culture and small businesses. ENDEAVORS is radically reimagining new and responsible options for community engagement by forming safe spaces that bring immediate mental and financial support to locals of all walks of life. Support ENDEAVORS and the production of ‘Homebody’ by clicking the link below.

Mirus Gallery

Mirus Gallery is a dynamic exhibition space established by curator and art dealer, Paul Hemming. The gallery features a program of contemporary artwork by emerging and mid-career artists in both solo and thematically organized group shows. Mirus Gallery highlights work that emphasizes skill and process and aims to engage viewers on a sentient, emotional and evocative level. Mirus has locations in San Francisco and Denver, as well as sister-property Temple Nightclub in both cities.


Send a class to Homebody

Sponsor a classroom and send them to Homebody for a private field trip experience this Fall 2020. With partnerships in Berkeley and Oakland Unified School District, we offer learning experiences that are aligned with state standards and appropriate for students grades 3-12.

This sponsorship package  includes transportation, an artist chat with Hueman, and hands-on activities during the field trip.  Additional classroom support includes easy to implement lessons plans for pre and post field trip to enhance learning in the arts, ELA, and Speaking and Listening.



This project was built by a small group of Bay Area Creatives, who are committed to bringing Homebody to community to support healing through technology and the arts. We are looking for sponsorships.


Local Vendors

Video Production
Machouse a creative agency that provides photo and video, web design, and branding packages to make your business thrive. With clients like Facebook, ESPN, Netflix and more. we are so grateful they joined the Homebody team to make this project work.

Web Design
Ralph Buenconsejo of Buenmakes is an award-winning creator focused on web design + development and illustration + animation. A constant practitioner of this craft, doing it for both work and play–all day, every day.

Projection Mapping
Craig Winslow is an experiential artist and designer who uses light to create playful, narrative-driven visualizations and immersive experiences. Winslow’s work explores the temporary nature of all things human-made. His creative process is driven by a desire to preserve history through modern technologies. He utilizes multiple mediums, from projection mapping, 3D, AR, VR, to XR; working with clients like NikeLab, Tim Burton, Portland Trail Blazers, and The Neon Museum. Winslow was awarded the Adobe Creative Residency in 2016, which helped bring his projects ‘Light Capsules’ and ‘Brilliant!’ to life.

A3 Visual is a cutting edge projection and video mapping company that creates dynamic environments. Specializing in projection mapping, video mapping, custom content creation, architectural projection mapping, sculptural projection mapping, and interactive design. Their highly skilled team coupled with collective decades of experience, A3 Visual can tailor an awe-inspiring projection to any aesthetic.  A3 has an inventory of high-end visual projection equipment and a dedicated staff that guarantees a perfectly executed show every time. They design and implement projects utilizing the highest quality production in San Francisco.

DEKA is a creative workshop driven by the pursuit of bold ideas that inspire and empower. Located in the vibrant artist neighborhood of Jingletown in Oakland, CA; they thrive on helping people define and realize their vision. Founder Charles Irby is a trained architect with a passion for innovative, non-traditional construction that stretches the imagination.

Lighting Design
Elevate Productions was founded in 2009 and has maintained a boutique-like business model that has allowed for growing opportunities in the tech and corporate meetings sector along with advancements in special events that have garnered greater creativity and meaningful dedication to the production art.

Graphic Design
Cate Mahnke of Pomekin Design is the Graphic Designer for this project. She is focused on creating visual narratives through digital experiences, social media, as well as print collateral for this event. She has an ardent love for serving the community and creating work that is purposeful, representative, and transformative. WOC and independently employed, we are so grateful to have Cate join this project.

Hombody Supports "Hack The Hood"

Homebody is proud to have built a partnership with Hack the Hood for this installation. With a portion of ticket sales going to this non-profit, Hack the Hood trains early career youth and communities of color through tech skill-building programs grounded in justice and career navigation support that ensures economic mobility. Based out of Oakland, California, this local nonprofit is a 501(c)(3).