The Experience The Experience The Experience

The Experience The Experience The Experience

Immerse Yourself

This will be the artist’s debut foray into immersive installation. Translucent floor-to-ceiling installations will expand upon Hueman’s Veiled Intent series of work, which play with themes of transparency, light, color and space. Step into a full 360 experience, brought to dynamic life by projection mapping and augmented reality activated on our smart devices. Below is a preview of the five original installations brought to you by Hueman.

Tunnel Vision

Enter the installation through an intimate, staged living room, furnished with a chair, lamp, and fireplace to create a sense of one’s home. Continuing further, individuals are guided through the physical fireplace, into a tunnel made up of artificial foliage. Spray painted different colors and enhanced by projected colors, this tunnel is meant to represent the beginning of the pandemic—induced anxiety, uncertainty, and pressure.


Hueman uses fabric as a metaphor for skin, but when stretched across a frame it then becomes a screen. The artist aims to explore the relationship between our bodies and our identities, and the way both evolve in relation to our devices. Veils of fabric hang scattered across the space,  brought to life by projection-mapped animation.


This room will explore the ingenious ways our community has been able to connect with each other remotely. A collaborative animation, created across state lines by Hueman and Portland artist Craig Winslow, will engulf the space in projection mapped magic. This room explores the transformation of human identity through time, from ancient statues to AI-created human faces


A sculpture of a large bust with an inverted face sits in the middle of a space, surrounded by a hanging curtain of organza. This room represents positive change with time passing. We’ve been forced to look inward for the past year, put under so much pressure and trauma, as time passed by slowly. With projection mapping enhancing cloud murals on the walls, guests will experience a sunrise to sunset experience as they feel a sense of peace and rebirth.


The gallery, flooded in colored light, will feature up to 30 canvases. These artworks are abstracted visions of the human face and body in the artist’s signature style, many of which can be “activated” through augmented reality through visitor’s phones or venue-issued ipads.